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Ari Lopatin is a young entrepreneur who wants to influence others in light of his knowledge and experience. He is better known as one of the youngest fitness trainers who have transformed personalities of people, through his creative approach and highly energetic messages. His words continue to impact thousands of people following him on his digital channels. Through the prompt approach towards life and easy-going way of delivering his message, Ari the voice of inspiration is ready to help millions of people and make his technique to self-discovery a global phenomenon!

Ari has a very vast history as a physical fitness trainer as well. He now plans to endure his learnings to educate his listeners regarding the significance of mental health as well.

Vision to Self Discovery

"Self-discovery is the first step to unlock wisdom."

During this tenure of pandemic and lockdown, Ari had an opportunity to discover and learn more about the significance of mental strength along with physical fitness. This stream of scenarios broadened his mind and further strengthened his resolution to empower others in their pursuit of greatness.

Ari Lopatin is working on a book which will be based on his personal experience with the challenges of self-discovery. The book will revolve around the idea that mental and physical health are two different names for the single phenomenon "human's life"

Through his upcoming sophomore book release and motivational videos, Ari wants to pursue the vision to educate people. He wants them to realize that mental and physical health are linked terminologies which are often misunderstood by many of us! 




Ari Lopatin, 
8998 Route 18,
Old Bridge, NJ 08857